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ACON HOLDING aims to provide bespoke products and services designed to achieve the objectives of its partners & clients and to stand the challenges of an ever evolving market .It is with a great pleasure to be the Managing Director and CEO of ACON HOLDING, which have achieved great success in it endeavors for the past years and continues to manifest excellence through people empowerment and dedication to our Clients. The name of the company reflects our strong desire and commitment to become a leading investor and business developer across sectors.

The year 2020 is a dense and inspiring year, indeed it offered us the opportunity to highlight our history our know-how and capacity for innovation, and this led us to adopt a new brand name ACON HOLDING LLC.

Sharing ideas with management team helped me develop new strategie & business alliances where innovation guides and dreams get wings to fly and with ACON HOLDING exceptional team we can conquer challenges as we continue to strive for Success.

We at ACON HOLDING will be united in our efforts to continue meeting in good faith the expectations of our stakeholders We would like to cordially ask you your continued invaluable support.


Mr. Shajeer.A.Shukkur


We are confident that we have established a Strong Holding company characterized by high flexibility to achieve stable and rewarding results for all our associates.


Mr. Hashim.A.Shukkur


ACON HOLDING aims to capitalize on emerging Investment and market opportunities through Leadership and independence in structuring exclusive accessibility. Our business models are designed to provide maximum flexibility. It’s a great pleasure to be part of ACON GROUP HOLDING.


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